Solutions for NPO's

Netcentric delivers a broad range of technical, administration and support services designed for non-profit organizations, such as professional societies and industry trade groups as well as community-based, charitable and educational organizations.

Netcentric NPO solutions support the following platforms:




iMIS Software and Platform Solutions


Netcentric provides expert technical talent in the installation, integration and support of iMIS software from Advanced Solutions International, Inc.


iMIS is a flexible customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, and community-building solution, used by over 20,000 professionals world-wide in a wide-range of industries, from associations, fundraisers, and other non-profits to franchisers, trade-show managers, publishers, and other commercial organizations. Netcentric supports the following iMIS solutions:




Customer Relationship Management (CRM): iMIS has over 20 modules to compliment the basic solution to help non-profits manage members, donors, and other constituents. From contact management to customized demographic management, from event and meetings management to orders management, iMIS helps manage mission critical relationships while improving staff productivity. iMIS' superior new user interface - The Executive Portfolio - presents the user with a high-level view of data and provides the ability to drill down as needed to access detailed information.


e-Commerce: e-Commerce functionality can be added to iMIS through the iMIS e-Series. iMIS can also be delivered in the Application Service Provider (ASP) model through CyberiMIS.


Community-Building: Easily build virtual communities using iMIS e-Communities. Features within e-Communities allow visitors to view community news, contribute to discussion forums, and contribute or download shared documents


Fund Raising: iMIS Fund Raising is designed to provide users the opportunity to create and implement a comprehensive system for managing the fund-raising function within their organizations. Fund Raising can be used successfully by all sizes and types of fund-raising organizations-from small associations managing single scholarship fund to large, multi-million dollar foundations with more complex needs.



iMIS e-Series: The iMIS e-Series of modules, e-Customer Management, e-Events, e-Billing and e-Orders gives your organization e-commerce capability with real time transactions that update your iMIS database immediately. Add the latest e-Series offering, e-Communities, and gain a whole new level of interaction for your organization’s website and keep your customers coming back again and again.


With a complete e-Series solution in conjunction with the iMIS back-office solution, your customers have the ability to update their contact information, search for other members, browse and purchase products, browse and register for events, and pay dues and other outstanding balances, all online. Different security levels can be set so that even non-members have the opportunity to browse and select products and events, or apply and pay for new membership in your organization.


The e-Series also includes a Unified Shopping basket, which will make e-commerce easier on you and your customers. Thanks to this feature customers can pay for dues renewal, product order and event registration, at the same time, from the same place, with a single credit card payment.  




In addition to offering software-based enterprise solutions, Netcentric provides specialized MIS services tailored for NPOs, including:



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