About Netcentric

Company Overview


Netcentric Computer Solutions represents leadership in technology integration available today. For integration of vastly divergent technology focused on solving specific business problems, Netcentric has a team that has lived through hundreds of diverse business situations. We have assembled highly specialized teams to allow our clients to quickly seize market opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.


We help your organization by giving your Information Technology department resources that can provide a great deal of depth in specialized areas. If you don't have a Manager of Information Technology we can help by serving in that role and help your company properly install and use the newest technology for maximum business advantage.


Our staff of technicians is standing by to help with network infrastructure as well as server and workstation issues.  Our relationships with best of breed providers for software development, custom IT solutions, internet hosting and access, as well as accounting and database consultants gives our clients specialists in a wide variety of disciplines and ensures that we get complete answers fast and can handle the diverse nature of business problems you're facing today.


Do you remember the last time you received good service? Service that you felt good about and could pass along to a friend? Get the respect you deserve as a consumer. The goal of the Netcentric staff is to provide the combined value of top-notch computer savvy with service that you depend on and trust.

For more information on Netcentric you can contact us through our website by clicking here, or you can email us at info@netcentricnj.com or give us a call at 800-276-9489.